Personal Communication

Grow your marketing results substantially by delivering the best possible message to each contact across email, SMS, in-app etc. With seamless integrations and unique AI and NLP algorithms TextLab fits every marketing shop, helping marketers deliver superior results automatically

Know Your Audience

As you learn more about your audience communication preferences you will be able to deliver more refined messages that in turn will further enhance your marketing results and help your audience enjoy a superior brand experience



Grow repeat revenues

Grow customer acquisition

Increase retention rate

Deliver a superior customer experience

Learn how to best communicate with your customers


Meet the TEAM
Hezi Bahry

MBA & B.Sc. (EE) both from the Technion,
8 years work experience at Intel in managerial positions. Startup experience with a machine vision venture.

Eli Purian

Well experienced VP R&D and CTO, managed teams to deliver high scale products in multiple industries; cyber, medical applications and more. Completed 5 years of service at Mamram and the intelligence corps.

Israel Sofer
VP Algorithms

MSc in AI from Bar Ilan.
15 years of experience from the army and the industry.
Leads NLP team over 5 years with Semantic technologies.
Text and data enthusiastic.

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